Open to the public 1 - 3rd June 2018 at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall

Christine Hodges



Still life works by Christine Hodges from a selection of figurative and landscapes paintings in oils


I paint a variety of subjects. Recently I found myself drawn more and more to still life. In my oil paintings I look for the beauty in ordinary things and try to make them extraordinary.

Within the paintings I like to explore the play of colour and light on objects. I also try to express a sense of calm and peacefulness within my work.

I mainly use a limited palette and my paintings are usually small. I also work on copper plate etchings based on my drawings individually printed in small editions.


I will be exhibiting a painting in the RBSA (Royal Birmingham Society of Artists) Open All Media Exhibition at the RBSA gallery Birmingham from Wed 9th March until Sat 9th April.
Christine standing in front of her painting at the opening of the RBSA exhibition.