Open to the public 1 - 3rd June 2018 at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall

Kate Wiltshire



I’m a painter inspired by Warwickshire skies


I’m inspired by Warwickshire skies.

I could walk for hours across this beautiful county, never tiring of the opportunities to paint.

I graduated from art college in the late seventies, but I can honestly say that it took another twenty years before I really understood what being an artist means to me.

Of course its important to love to paint, but then I realised that it is more about recording what I feel about what I see. That’s when I started to find inspiration. Perhaps I’m just a late bloomer.

A dear friend once asked why I was looking so puzzled as we watched the sun go down over another fine Warwickshire landscape. “I’m trying to work out how I will mix that colour!” I replied.

I now live in Bidford, near Stratford upon Avon. I divide my time between painting, creative workshops, and working to provide creative activities for people who live with dementia.

Stratford Visual Arts Forum provides me with a very rewarding creative home, especially in the work we do to support Escape.

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