Open to the public 1 - 3rd June 2018 at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall

Lise Lisal



My skills as a ceramist, painter, sculptor etcher and jewellery designer are influenced by travel


Welcome to my artistic  world

I was born in Switzerland where I graduated from college with a degree in Business and languages. My mother language is French.

I also later attended classes at  Art school in Sion, Switzerland

I then moved to Paris and, from there, I soon realised a dream which was to travel and appreciate the cultures in other countries and where I developed my own skills and styles as a ceramist, painter, sculptor etcher and jewellery designer.

My main activities during these years was mostly involved with art with my own galley in Spain and in California, USA.

I also took part in many exhibitions in many countries  and in England during the last 7 years

Today I live in Henley and am retired now but still create different art works.

I use different material as sculptor, and my paintings “free forms” are of a very colourful abstract style.

I use mixed techniques as collage, working with oil, acrylic and lacquer paint etc.

My ceramics are worked with pure oxides such as cobalt copper and magnesium.

Feel free to contact me

Lise is part of Stratford Visual Arts Group