Open to the public 1st to 2nd June & 2nd to 3rd November 2019 at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall

Robin Mason



I work on land & seascapes in Oil or Pastel, with the main emphasis being on light & atmosphere



Most of my work involves light, atmosphere and water, which is why I’m often drawn to the coast, Cornwall in particular, and canals. I work mainly in oils and occasionally in pastel.

Robin Mason graduated from North Wawickshire School of Art in 1992.

He worked in the printing trade whilst perfecting his own style and won his first award, the Newton & Windsor Award, in 2003 in the Open Pastel Exhibition and the Judd Medical Award “Prize  exhiibition.

Robin became a friend of the RBSA in 2003 and an associate of the RBSA in 2006. His works have been show in UK exhibitions in Nottingham, Stafforshire, Ingelby, Birmingham, Derbyshire and in galleries in London, Litchfield and Birmingham.

Robin visits Cornwall 4-5 times a year to work for the excellent Harbour Gallery and the county is a firm favourite of his many works.

“Clear light and cliff edges provide me with the atmospheric contrast between land and sea – high cliffs towering over sheltered coves and cool shadows alongside warm light.

“Originally starting out as a pastellist, I loved the immediacy to which colour could be applied but soon moved on to Oils. I use a brush to block out the main shapes and background colours, then work over the top with a palette knife, applying thin layers to the dark areas and strong impasto strokes to the highlights.”

“I also do my own framing, which can be a welcome distraction from painting and is always rewarding.”