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Lucinda Batchelor


Artistic passion for nature and natural photography




The beautifully poetic French word for twilight is ‘l’heure entre chien et loup’, or ‘the hour between the dog and the wolf’. The phrase describes the approaching dark as a time when things move from familiar to wild, or when the failing light means it’s hard to distinguish between a dog and a wolf.

This phrase feeds into my passion for nature and natural photography and describes perfectly how light changes everything, which is the reason why I became a photographer.

Light has a profound impact on the way we all see and feel the world around us, with research showing how natural light alters our level of happiness. To convey this I prefer to use natural light in my studio, not only for environmental reasons and indeed my own happiness, but also to provide an honest quality to my images.

However, it can be problematic as it changes throughout the course of the day, but I quite like its unpredictable nature….most of the time. My objective is to keep the impact of my work on the environment to a minimum, so coupled with my use of natural light in my studio I also use organic subjects along with recycled materials and preloved equipment.

Learning with film in a darkroom many years ago, I am drawn to the romance of monochrome imagery so my images are predominately black and white. I have the effect of medium format film in mind when producing my images and am meticulous when trying to recreate this quality and atmosphere digitally.

My archival quality prints are produced using beautifully textured art papers, FSC/PEFC certified, which provide a superb rich velvety character in the finished print.

Mounts are acid free and framed pictures can be finished with art glass to cut reflections and provide longevity as well giving the best possible look and feel to my work. The work is signed and all issued with certificates of authenticity.