Open to the public 2nd to 3rd Nov 2019 10.30am at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall

Ann Donnelly #Cafdgg November



Ann Donnelly is a Worcestershire glass artist whose style ranges from the whimsical to the abstract.


Ann Donnelly is a Worcestershire glass artist.   Her work draws upon a variety of different influences including the wildlife in her cottage garden, the forces of nature and folk symbolism.

Working in kiln- fused glass presents Ann with endless opportunities for creativity and experimentation.  Each piece consists of many small pieces of specially selected hand-cut glass, which is manipulated into different forms using lengthy and carefully controlled firing programmes. Most pieces are fired at least twice in the kiln before being hand-finished and polished.

Ann’s work includes wall-hangings, vases, small sculptures and bowls that range in style from the whimsical to the abstract.

Ann also exhibits her work at Whichford Potteries in the Octagon exhibition centre and shop along with a group of highly acclaimed artists plus Jim Keeling the founder of the pottery.

Ann’s work is also shown at the Courtyard Gallery situated in the shopping village at Stratford Garden Centre, Clifford Chambers. Go and see the wide selection of artwork without any obligation to buy.