Open to the public 2nd to 3rd Nov 2019 10.30am at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall

Ben Cowan #Cafdgg November


My art seeks beauty in truth & truth in beauty, while satirising a world full of flaws



Ben Cowan, Digital/Mixed Media Artist & Lampmaker

My digital and mixed media wall art seeks beauty in truth and truth in beauty, while satirising a world full of flaws.

In making feature lamps upcycled from our shared cultural heritage, I am also searching for something tangible. 

I am a passionate humanitarian relief worker who has returned home to Leamington Spa to bring up a family and work as an artist. I spent a long time living in the conflict zones of places such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, South Sudan working as a logisitician and project manager; later my career took me to different aspects of the charity and health sectors.


Now, I love to scour the country of my birth, collecting up what people throw out and items which have apparently outlived their usefulness. I use them to reconstruct something unique and useful such as industrial and steampunk style table lamps, which can bring character, beauty and light into homes and retail spaces.


I am also developing a burgeoning digital art and mixed media portfolio for exhibition art as well as merchandising. These expressions are based on ideas that satirise or make comic the world around; including literature, idling, politics and activism. I try to achieve this by playfully subverting iconic images or popular culture as a lens through which to provoke fresh thought.