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Carl Gallagher Light by Night



Light by Night Photography captures images of celestial, atmospheric & Earthly subjects in low light


Light by Night Photography captures images of celestial, atmospheric and Earthly subjects in low level light conditions to create beautiful vistas of celestial, atmospheric and earthly subjects.

My interest in astronomy started decades ago as a schoolboy eager to learn the mysteries of the universe.  I have been fortunate enough to transform a serious hobby into my profession. Harnessing the light from distant stars does have its problems, clouds being the main culprit.  For years I saw cloud formations as something of a frustration, but I have now come to appreciate their own natural beauty and they appear often in my work.

My ethos is capturing a single moment in time, no stacking, stitching or blending of images to create scenes that are impossible in nature. I have had my work published by BBC Sky at Night and Astronomy Now magazines over the years.

For me though, the pure naked enjoyment of knowing that the light from a star has taken thousands or millions of years to reach my camera lens as I close the shutter, still thrills me now just like it did all those years ago.