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Claire Seneviratne



I want to capture a ‘naturalness or rawness’ as if my work has been made by nature.


Claire Seneviratne- Ceramic artist


Many past ideas seem to have intertwined into my work and together portray a new sense of freedom. This freedom has inspired a new energy and the effect is spiralling.

I want to capture a ‘naturalness or rawness’ as if my work has been made by nature. This is why I love to smoke-fire as my work is surrendered to the elements.

My work is burnished and I use white earthenware or porcelain. I am also incorporating glaze and lustres to intensify the richness of textures.

My pieces are smoke-fired in sawdust several times until the desired effect is reached. Different layers of the smoke-fire effect continue to reinforce the layering concept of burnishing, glazing and lustres.

The curves of my vessels have an affinity with the female form and the natural ‘raw’ quality of the colours and textures lends itself to wild landscapes, shimmering lakes and night skies.

I was awarded a setting up grant by the crafts council in 1999 and have continued developing and selling my work ever since.

I am a professional member of the Crafts Potters Association. I was awarded a BA Hons. degree in Multidisciplinary design at Staffordshire University in 1986 and a PGCE in Art and Design from Brighton University in 1987.

My work is available to buy online on my website or

My work is published in various CPA ‘The Ceramics book’ and my seal is included in the latest addition of ‘ British Studio Potters Marks Book’ published by Bloomsbury.