Open to the public 2nd to 3rd Nov 2019 10.30am at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall

Don Mason #Cafdgg November



Don interpret's landscapes using mixed media, oil paint and soft pastels



I interpret landscapes using mixed media, oil paint and soft pastels.
 There are special areas I am drawn to such as  Pembrokeshire, Charnwood Forest in North Leicestershire, parts of Shropshire, Cornwall, The Gower Peninsula and Devon or pockets of Warwickshire; I am lured there by their unique beauty and memories.
The key element I work from is memory; my paintings represent various layers of how I remember the landscape.  Whenever I am traveling I see a moment within the landscape that I want to capture.
I will  often create a sketch or watercolour and take photos, when I am back in my studio I work from this reference material and I apply my memory as a filter to create the finished painting.
It’s always a surprise that my reference photographs never really capture what I have in my mind.