Open to the public Nov 18th Private View, 19th-20th 2022 Open to the Public at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall CV37 6EF

Fiona Kingdon Past Exhibitor 2018



Artist in wood - I depict landscapes, silhouettes and keepsakes through intricate scrollwork


Welcome to all that I create by hand with wood.

Fiona Kingdon – Artist in Wood

I studied Industrial Design, Craftsmanship and Furniture Restoration in the 90s.

I then dedicated my time to family and supporting with young people with behavioural difficulties, but couldn’t be kept from working wood, making chairs, veneer lighting, guitars and custom cajon drums.


Around 2011, I wanted to return to working with wood on my own terms, but had limited resources and space. I came across a second hand scroll saw that needed some love and a new passion was born.


Currently, I depict landscapes and ideas through intricate scrollwork cut in reclaimed and native timbers exploring what imagery the timber offers up, or simply weaving the beauty of the wood into my designs.


It’s all cut by hand and eye, I use a Hegner scroll saw, cutting with a fine oscillating 5” fret saw blade. Working in very thick sections of wood allows me to create intricate detail without the work falling to pieces.


It takes many hours of skill, patience and attention to the timber to create detail and finish that is impossible to replicate with a laser or cnc techniques. 


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