Open to the public Online over the weekend of October 30th to 1st November at Online for 2020

Giulia Boccabella #Cafdgg November



I knit and crochet traditional patterns


Knitting and crochet have been part of my life from a very young age when, under the supervision of my grandma, I started knitting a strip in garter stitch which always shrank during the night, to be redone the day after!

“Practice leads to perfection!” – she replied every time to my complaints.

I am fascinated by colours, textures and complicated stitches. I love vintage patterns, although, I never follow from start to end, but use as inspiration for my work. Every item I make is unique, probably because I never write down what I do, so I cannot repeat it again!

One day I will have a fabulous wool shop, but for the time being I have a wardrobe where I keep all of my yarns, knitting needles, crochet hooks and a very very long list of “things I must do”!

Commissions welcome.