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UK Artists is an online art gallery based in Leamington Spa, founded by Grace Newman in 2010.
Artists from around the UK are hand-picked for the quality of their work and for bringing something new to the gallery collection. You will find a large variety of contemporary and traditional artwork for sale by painters, sculptors, illustrators, photographers, ceramicists, printmakers, digital, glass, and textile artists, and jewellers online at

UK Artists represent some amazingly talented artists on our stand at the Contemporary Arts Festival Discover: Gather: Give.
In 2019, our artists were Guy Chapman, Peter Drewett, Vienna Forrester, Kusuma Dawn Hart, Joanne Makin, Susan Moore, Hilary Roberts, Anya Simmons and Tipperleyhill.

The UK Artists annual exhibition is the highlight of our year and is held in a different location each year. We also curate other exhibitions and show at art fairs and events throughout the year.

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Peter Drewett         

Peter began painting at 13, winning first place in a national drawing competition designing the car of the future. At 14 years old he and his family moved to Northern Scotland, where he stayed for the next 40-odd years.
A prolific painter, Peters’ art gradually found its way around the globe, in at least 26 countries. Highly successful international one- man and mixed exhibitions set him firmly on the art circuit at a comparatively young age.
Peter moved South to Stratford- upon- Avon in 2014, with a view to semi-retirement. However, as with so many artists, he found it impossible to quit completely, and now he is producing fresh and exciting contemporary works to a new audience in Warwickshire and beyond.

Joanne Makin       

Joanne devotes her time to painting and creating original linocut prints. She has recently returned to the human figure, currently looking at the main personalities in the plays of Shakespeare.

Linocut allows her to create strong spaces of light and dark exploring the uneasy and contemplative emotions of the characters.

Anya Simmons        

Colourful, contemporary collection of original, mixed media paintings and limited edition prints. Recent works are profoundly influenced by beautiful landscapes and seascapes across Britain. Anya enjoys working with a variety of mixed media to create colourful, textural pieces of art, mainly working with gesso, acrylic and acrylic inks.

Within her works Anya strives to give her audience the romance or memory of a scene/landscape which is recognised as real, but does not always have a physical location-almost like a landscape within a dream.
She seeks to tap into a positive nostalgic memory.


Tipperleyhill are two artists; Abi Tippetts and Roz Berkeley-Hill who work together on each and every piece to create paintings on canvas and limited edition giclée prints.They create something wholly new and original together, by improvising on one canvas in mixed media including oils, inks, acrylics, watercolour pencil and even collage.

Hilary Roberts       

My ‘painterly’ images cover a wide range of subjects, including nature, abstracts and landscape.I have a large portfolio of local scenes and I especially enjoy photographing the Regency architecture of Leamington Spa.

Guy Chapman        

I draw very detailed pen and ink images that appear in my vivid imagination!  I often start a picture with a vague idea of what I want to draw.Beginning with just a couple of lines on a page, the image almost creates itself and I add hidden details within it for the viewer to find, such as dates, names, or characters and one in particular, a small owl affectionately nicknamed Sebastian, who now appears in just about everything I do. Finding him is another thing altogether!

Kusuma Dawn Hart     

Today my work is largely created in a digital format with the occasional shoot on film as I still love Ilford HP5.

I find the process of working with Still Life to be a meditative practice and it is an extension of my daily practice as a Buddhist.
I love photographing flowers and my Buddhist name given to me by my Dharma teacher is ‘Kusumavarsa’ meaning ‘Rain of Flowers’. When taking photos of flowers my breath slows down and my mind is focused on a single object before me.

Vienna Forrester         

Digital fractal art , inspired by patterns in the natural world, coastal landscapes and seas in all their states are main features of her work.

Her art is uniquely specific to location and time, changing with weather conditions and mood. Fractals are, essentially, the mathematics of nature.

Susan Moore         

Paintings on silk. Susan enjoys painting a wide variety of subjects and works on ‘series’ of paintings of similar subject, before moving on to the next series.

Her series include: Children playing on beaches. Rome and Venice. Egyptians. Cornwall. Musicians. Warwickshire Landscape. Mining and Daw Mill. Portraits etc.