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Helen Smith



I like to explore surface decoration in jewellery through Mokume Gane or Cloisonné enamel




I like to explore surface decoration in jewellery whether that is through Mokume Gane or Cloisonné enamel.

Mokume Gane is metal formed from contrasting coloured metals that are bonded together into one solid block. This block is them worked – drilled, punched and filled to reveal the layers within. The metal is forged and the process repeated to develop more and more complex patterns. Finally, the laminate is milled flat forming sheet metal with intricate and permanent patterns.

Cloisonné enamel uses small metal wires to create a pattern or picture which is then filled with layers of finely ground coloured glass. The process requires many firings as the layers are built up and ground down to create a smooth surface.

Both skill sets allow me to create jewellery that is pleasingly tactile but highly decorated.

All my work is handmade to the highest standard.