Open to the public Nov 6th to 7th 2021 at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall CV37 6EF

Helena Zabko Phillips



I am inspired by a love of nature, the local landscape, people, places I visit and all around me


Helena is a Gloucestershire based artist working from home in her attic studio.


Her childhood was spent in rural wales where she developed a deep love of nature and the countryside.


Childhood influences and also the ability to see beauty in all things provide countless opportunities for her to create artwork.


She likes to paint a variety of subjects, including still life, landscape and nature – trying to capture the essence of the moment.


Throughout her life Helena has always maintained an interest in both art and textiles. She paints mainly in oils, but mood and subject matter determine the medium she uses to best portray her ideas.



Helena has had exhibitions in Gloucester and currently sells work both on-line and at the Gloucestershire Antique Centre.