Open to the public Nov 6th to 7th 2021 at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall CV37 6EF

Karen Beard #past exhibitor



Pure and simple functional ceramics for your home


Despite graduating in art and design in the 1970s, I spent my working life in completely different sectors, including practicing law for the last 25 years, so I determined that after retiring in 2014 I would invest time in  my creative interests.

Clay was not a medium that I was very familiar with but following an introductory course at a local arts centre I quickly became hooked! I now produce pottery from my small garden studio in Bearwood, Birmingham.

As a restless experimenter and explorer of the creative process I love clay because it is a medium that offers infinite possibilities. My pieces are mainly wheelthrown but I also sometimes build by hand.  My pieces are both functional and decorative using only the best quality high-fired stoneware and porcelain clay bodies manufactured in Stoke on Trent.

Clean lines and strong shapes form the basis of my designs, minimally surface decorated with carving or the application of simple linear or geometric patterns.  Colour through the use of slips and glazes is an important feature of my work – sometimes bright and bold, sometimes muted and subtle – but always I hope interesting.

Lovers of ceramics will discern in my work the influence of mid-twentieth century Modernism,  ancient oriental pottery and African tribal art.  Making with clay is a truly universal expression of creativity and culture stretching back to the dawn of humankind.  It is an inexpensive humble material used to form the practical stuff that we handle almost every minute of the day!

In skilled hands it is also capable of being transformed into objects of astonishing beauty and I am constantly inspired by, and in awe of, my fellow ceramicists.   In striving to create thoughtfully designed and well made pottery I hope I am bringing into the world objects which will last and give pleasure for a lifetime – and beyond!