Open to the public Nov 6th to 7th 2021 at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall CV37 6EF

Robin Wade



Robin uses hand built and thrown techniques creating decorative textures on wet clay


Robin Wade, Ceramic Artist

Robin Wade MSDC

Passionate about wild landscape and plants, Robin’s ceramic work is inspired by her natural surroundings and designed to integrate with plants. Her work ranges from small garden sculptures and tile panels to jewellery and small vessels.

She uses clay in a playful fashion to create ceramic forms and vessels to reflect the wilderness of the landscape. Using torn and textured clay gives her hand-built forms and panels a rugged naturalistic finish which are then painted in a pallet of soft colours reflecting historical imprint and light quality of the landscapes.

She uses a variety of different clays to create her work, including stoneware and porcelain clays. The colours she uses are built up in layers using coloured slips and underglaze pigments to create a painterly finish.

Her garden ceramics, created to integrate with or contain plants, are sculptural vessels rising above the planting in the garden and providing structure in the winter when the foliage dies back. Plant containers based on rocky formations and rock pools display collections of miniature succulent plants.

Recently Robin has been combining her love of fabrics with her ceramics to create a series of landscapes pictures inspired by shoreline landscapes. Visits to Orkney & North West Scottish coast & the Orkney Isles have inspired a series of panels exploring a combination of fabric and ceramic collage to evoke the extraordinary light quality of our northernmost seashores.

Trained in Ceramics and design at Loughborough University in the early 70’s Robin has created a regular portfolio of work for the home and garden. She exhibits annually as part of Warwickshire Open studio’s and local Gallery’s continuously.

She has been a member of The Gallery @ the guild for the past 10 years and her work can be seen regularly at the Courtyard Gallery at Clifford Chambers Garden Centre which she runs with eighteen other local artists.

You can always see Robin’s work at

Courtyard Gallery, Stratford Garden Centre, Clifford Chambers CV37 8LW

The Gallery @ the Guild, The old Silk Mill, Sheep Street, Chipping Campden GL55 6DS