Open to the public 3rd to 4th November 2018 at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall

Anya Simmons



My imaginative collection includes a quirky series of paintings incorporating the world and moon


My work is profoundly influenced by beautiful landscapes and seascapes across Britain. I enjoy working with a variety of mixed media to create colourful, textural pieces of art.

Within my works I strive to give my audience the romance or memory of a scene/landscape which is recognised as real, but does not always have a physical location-almost like a landscape within a dream. I seek to tap into a positive nostalgic memory.

They include real and imaginary places and colourful characters, with the aim to make my audience smile.

Anya is exhibiting her work at Discover:Gather:Give for the first time this year after a successful exhibition at the Stratford Arts Fair in May and ArtsWeek as part of the annual North Oxfordshire ArtsWeek held the first ten days of May.

Anya shows her work at:

The Courtyard Gallery.

Stratford Garden Centre,

Campden Road,

Clifford Chambers.