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The secret of service



I went to a Michelin Starred restaurant last weekend and the whole experience was extraordinarily enjoyable. The food tasted incredible, by turns playful, exotic, rich, new to me taste pairings, tantalising and downright delicious – I just loved it!

On reflection what took it to the next level of enjoyment was the seamless nature of the experience; it was because of the staff that served us. I don’t mean a slick taking away of the plates, refolding my napkin when I left the table or continually refilling our glasses – the staff knew the menu and how the food was made, they were pleased to be asked about it and took pride in serving us, and enthused as we discussed each course with them. It was the care and time they spent with us, it felt as though we were joining them as oppose to being punters to be fleeced at every opportunity.

When I brought it back to how #Cafdgg is managed, I reflected that many people can run successful restaurants and Art Fairs and make money, although few have the same passion for what they do as I experienced in the restaurant I visited.

I recognise that the people – friends and family – who help me run #Cafdgg do so because they believe in what I would wish to achieve; to see the best affordable art come to Stratford, to bring new visitors to the area, to offer the event free to all and to give back by donating monies to Shakespeare’s Puppies Appeal (Guide Dogs for the Blind).

Each of the helpers in the cafe, setting up and breaking down the fair brings joy, knowledge and a willingness that is priceless and for that alone I thank every one of you and look forward to seeing you back in November for our Winter Fair!