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Debbie Fieldhouse and Rob Rivett Cellar Ceramics



Cellar Ceramics is the collaboration between potters Robert Rivett and Debbie Fieldhouse




Cellar Ceramics is the collaboration between Robert Rivett and Debbie Fieldhouse, who in their modest workspace in Shipston make contemporary, wheel thrown porcelain slipware, decorated with painterly natural scenes predominately in blue, white and red.

With over sixteen years of experience as a professional potter at Whichford Pottery, Rob’s sleek minimalist forms are a testament to his skill. Each of his pieces are as unique as the decoration painted upon them and his organic forms are a gentle response to the natural world that inspires him.

Debbie brings her love of walking and appreciation of often overlooked areas of grassland to life in her lively landscapes and paintings. Using a combination of painterly brushwork and textural sgraffito, Debbie’s experiments with slip see her using it in a unique and artistic way.

They create a variety of work ranging from small and functional mugs and vases to larger more artistic wares. Each of these items are carefully handcrafted and entirely unique. As such, these everyday items are transformed into individual works of art to be cherished and cared for.