Open to the public June 5th to 6th online & Nov 6th to 7th 2021 at Online for 2021

Hannah Pugh All Is Not Lost


An emotive sense of place flows through my work, drawing inspiration from the ocean, cosmos & escape


Hannah Pugh, the designer maker behind ‘All Is Not Lost art’, infuses raw textiles and paper with bleach and ink, layering gold leaf, graphite and cotton.


“I gild, print, embroider, splash and stain; overlaying processes and techniques, coaxing everyday ingredients to build the rich and varied, unpredictable qualities that evoke All Is Not Lost’s ‘inimitable alchemical style’.”


Artistry, balance, and serendipity lead Hannah in the design process – atmosphere-laden scapes emerging from her surfaces, their horizons drawing you elsewhere.

You can follow Hannah with social media on @allisnotlostart (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest)