Open to the public Nov 17th Private View, 18th to 19th 2023 Open to the Public at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall CV37 6EF

Hannah Pugh All Is Not Lost


An emotive sense of place flows through my work, drawing inspiration from the ocean, cosmos & escape


Through the use of inks, watercolours and bleach, layered precious metal leaf and drawing onto raw canvas and paper, Hannah’s paintings tend to reference earthly horizons, although are invoked from imagination, otherworlds and elsewhere.

Snatches of memory, sensation and intuition play out their enchantments across the surfaces, conspiring to tell stories of place and wonder.

Hannah Pugh has worked as an internationally collected professional artist for 10 years, interspersing her career with teaching and motherhood. She studied at Falmouth College of Art graduating with a degree in Fine Art, and has exhibited and sold at venues around the country. She works on private commissions in her studio in Worcestershire, carving out time for creating new collections and hand gilded prints.

‘I’m fascinated by the stories that are all around us; the circular magic that connects us, the oceans, the earth, the skies, and all that therein lies – The liminal space in between everything and the guessed at glimpses that fill it. The microcosms and macrocosms that echo each other throughout the universe; flinging celestial swathes across an inky sky and following mapped fractal roots burying themselves deep into the umber.

I love the chaos and unpredictability of painting with ink and bleach, and never get bored of following its lead and finding the pictures within. Sometimes, they emerge immediately, sometimes they take their time.

I want my paintings to change for you every time they’re looked at, it might be the quality of light upon the gilding reflecting differently throughout the seasons, days and hours, it might be an emotional resonance that’s reflected and changes. I’d like them to provide solace and escape and mystery, hopefully inspiring stories that’ll lead you off to Elsewhere.’

You can follow Hannah with social media on @allisnotlostart (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest)