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Instagram Highlights – how to use them



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You may have seen that many Instagram users display their stories in tidy little circles and wondered how they did it. Or maybe you’ve heard others talking about their Instagram Highlights and been confused as to what they are.

Here, you’ll learn everything about Instagram Highlights, including what they are, how they may help your profile, and how to make the most of them.

What are Instagram Highlights?
Instagram Stories that you want to highlight on your profile indefinitely are called “Highlights.” It’s a terrific method to keep your most successful stories running if you put them in a Highlight, where they’ll remain accessible even after 24 hours have passed. The Instagram feature known as “Highlights” is a must-have.

An individual Highlight may be viewed and navigated in the same way as any other story, excluding the visitor’s list. The list of viewers disappears once the story you saved has been up for 24 hours, and all that remains is the views count.

You can create an unlimited number of Highlights, but each can only include up to 100 pics or videos. When there are too many to fit in one view, you may scroll left and right to see more.

How to Make a Highlight on Instagram
For those who haven’t done so before, Instagram lets you compile Highlights from either your most recent story or older stories. Therefore, you must activate the archiving function. The Stories Archive is normally turned on, but if it isn’t, you may turn it on manually as follows.

  • To access your account settings, go to your profile and click the menu button.
  • Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Story.
  • Turn on the option next to “Save story to archive” to save your story.

Once you have enabled archiving, you can proceed with making your first Highlight. Following is a rundown of the steps required to make your first Instagram Highlight by including the current story:

  • Go to the Instagram story.
  • Click the lower Highlight button.
  • To add anything new to your highlight, choose New from the Add to Highlights.
  • You may personalize the cover and give the highlight a name.
  • After that, choose Add, and then Done.

Alternatively, you may use an older Instagram story that you uploaded as the basis for a Highlight. In this way:

  • You may start a new entry by tapping New on your profile.
  • To create a new Highlight, choose the items you wish to include and press Next.
  • Set the cover art and give your Highlight a name.
  • When finished, choose the Add and Finish buttons.

So long! Your Instagram profile has been updated with your first Highlight.

What Can You Use Instagram Highlights For?
With Instagram’s Highlights feature, you can give your followers a hand-picked selection of their favorite posts to peruse. They are crucial if you use Instagram to promote your blog or online shop.

A few examples of possible applications for Instagram’s Highlights feature are as follows:

  • Showcasing a variety of your published content kinds
  • Featuring several types of things you have available for purchase.
  • Maintaining a uniform aesthetic across your Instagram account.
  • Providing easy access to small pieces of data to people.

There are many more possibilities; perhaps, the aforementioned examples have sparked some creativity in you. In addition, you can browse all of your saved Instagram stories in one place and organize them geographically into a Highlight.

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Instagram
Instagram’s popularity and features continue to expand. You probably forgot about Instagram Highlights when it first came out since it was simply one more new feature. Instagram often steals the greatest features and concepts from rival applications, and highlights are a prime example of this.