Open to the public Nov 16th to 17th 2024 Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall CV37 6EF

Have I got what it takes for #mminjune?



With over 20 videos for you to join in with making art work there are a few things you need to hand to work with our artists, and here is the timetable and things you need:

Prem Time Requirements for the session
Judith Sat 9am Tai Chi Qigong Just yourself in comforatable clothing
Abi and Roz Tipperleyhill Sat 10am Flower painting A jar or mug of water, Kitchen roll or tissues, A pencil, A rubber, 2 good quality brushes, these really help with the washy strokes (1 x size 12 round brush & 1 x size 4 round brush), 1 x pan of watercolours (or tubes of watercolours), A3 pad of watercolour paper, 2 sheets of scrap or copy paper to test the colours and a hairdryer to dry your work (optional)
Bec Judge Sat 11am Gouache resist painting Water colour Paper 300g thick paper, black Indian ink, brush to remove paint with, brushes to paint with, pencil, paint pallet, jar of water, access to tap, somewhere to dry your work, spray bottle and optional wax crayons
Giulia Boccabella Sat 12 noon Crochet Crochet hook and wool
Eric Klein Velderman Sat 1pm Collagraph printing Wood Glue, backing plate e.g mount board, paper, ink and brush
Sue Barclay Sat 2pm Silver hoop earrings Contact Sue for her earring kit on
Alix Almond Sat 3pm Lino printing Lino speedy carve, vinyl, speedball cutter, Japanese wood cut tools, roller,  water based ink,   your design, paper to print on,  tracing paper and spoon
Jane Moore Sat 4pm Silver and enamel jewellery Watch and enjoy
Barry Chadwick Sat 5pm Up cycled Sunflower sculpture Used aluminium can, scissors, stanley knife, iron, safety glasses, cardboard for template, biro/ Braddle and multipurpose glue
Howard Lucas Sat 6pm Burning wood Wooden object, blowtorch, sandpaper and  wood dye
Kate Wigglesworth Sat 7pm Whimscal painting Watch and enjoy
Debbie Sun 9am Tai chi Qigong Just yourself in comforatable clothing
Melissa Sun 10am Fused glass making Contact Melissa for her Fused glass kit on
Jo Wade Sun 11am Clay printing Air dried clay, roller, block, printing ink, perspex, objects to press into the clay, paper to print on, water tray and metal spoon
Niki Crew Sun 12 noon Scrapbook making A4 paper, glue, scissors
Shelley Faye Lazar Sun 1pm How to wear silk scarves A selection of silk scarves
Tara Davidson Sun 2pm Ceramic cane toppers Stoneware clay, sponge, water, slip, paint brushes, knife and fork
Christine Hodges Sun 3pm Tetrapack printing Tetra pack, kitchen roll, craft knife, etching needle, your sketch, tracing paper, carbon paper, ink, card, cotton wool buds, printing press/ back of spoon
Jo Verity Sun 4pm Decoupage Scissors, screwdriver, scalpel, paint brushes, black felt pen, cotton buds, wood stain, sandpaper, sealer, clear bees wax, paint, pva glue, images, wipe clean surface and blank wooden box
Eleanor Allit Sun 5pm Papermache beadmaking Fastenings or elastic slip knot to make necklace, paper pulp from egg boxes,  PVA glue, water, sieve,  paint, Blender to mash up soaked up mashed egg boxes
Ken Hurd Sun 6pm Watercolour resist Painting Watch and enjoy
Ruth Woollacott Sun 7pm Growing flowers Watch and enjoy