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How do you show your love?



I am a mother of two sons, and like many mothers kept all of their early paintings, drawings, hand drawn family birthday cards and notes.


For me they are priceless and in moments of reflection I take out their portfolio, unfurl the papers and smile. I can trace their development as artists and their ever-changing view of the world and their interaction within it through their artwork.


A hand drawn celebratory card touches my heart, as I know that they sat down, their thoughts were solely of me when making their gift. I was the most important person to them at that special moment.


Their cards were for me and me alone; never to be repeated, a paper declaration of how I was held in their imagination, of love made tangible.


When you commission a piece of work from an artist it may not have the same passion in the production, however it will for the person commissioning it and the joy of giving the perfect present is so rewarding.


How you say you love someone can be a magnificent commissioned piece such as a Faberge Egg, the wrapper from a Quality Street made into a heart to decorate a card or designing a bracelet to be made by one of the artists at #Cafdgg.


There is no price for love, it is a gift.