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Bathing in the New Year



So when part of the ceiling fell down in my kitchen in late November I knew it was time to swing into action.

The plumber and I discovered a slow leak from the shower from whence the floorboards had rotted, the joists needed drying out before the damage could be assessed and the tiles once touched fell from the wall onto my waiting hands – I can only marvel at the range of teeth sucking noises my plumber and his mates have to demonstrate the seriousness of my damp plight…

I no longer had a working shower but I had a lovely bath I had not really used unless I had been over excitable in my fitness regime and needed a long soak to calm my aching muscles.

It has been a revalation having a daily bath; sometimes it is a quick wash in a puddle, some times a waist deep splash and submerging hair wash, whilst on rare occassions it can be up to the chin immersive soak taking my time to luxuriate until prune skin develops…

I make my own soaps, distilling plants from my garden to make essential oils and flower water that I use to scent my gorgeous soaps with. I make the experience of scented bathing enjoyable and will miss it when my bathroom will be redone in May.

However the thing that I have realised that one needs art in the bathroom to look at, I know have you thought of it before? We have art in every room apart from the bathroom – I know a beautiful wooden bath tray to hold soaps and a wine glass is great but if you are lying there you need something to look at besides your toes or a damp book.

So there you have it, anyone any ideas?