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#Cafdgg Guide Dog called Ariel



So excited to let you all know that our Guide Dog Puppy was born on November 24th 2019 and has been named Ariel.

Ariel  is a black cross between a Labrador and Golden Retriever, his father is called Clover and his mother Velvet with siblings Smokey, Dixon, Felix, Mary, Molly and Lulu.

#Cafdgg will get more news as he grows and at the moment he is with his Puppy Walker getting basic training.The volunteer Puppy Walker will look after Ariel from seven weeks to about  year, teaching him good social behaviour and familiarising him with the sights and sounds of everyday life at home, different forms of transport and excursions into town centres – and i hope Art Fairs!

It is amazing to think that Ariel could be paired with someone in as little as eighteen months that will fundamentally change someones life for the better, and all thanks to you…..

As information comes through I will keep you updated – whop whop!