Open to the public Nov 16th to 17th 2024 Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall CV37 6EF

The power of artistic endeavours



I was reading an article where the author described how he was completely overwhelmed as he stood in front of a painting in the Burrell Collection in Glasgow. He told of how he needed to sit, control his breathing and to settle himself before moving away from the painting – it literally took his breath away.

This man’s reaction was textbook Stendhal syndrome, a psychosomatic condition where an artwork causes such a powerful mental and physical reaction in the spectator they can actually faint from pleasure.

As I have been going through the applications for #Cafdgg the quality of the applications has been spectacular, and whilst I haven’t fainted with pleasure yet I have seen some work that has made me stop and sigh with pure joy at the ingenuity, quality, design and manufacture of the pieces of art.

Our arts fair is free entry with donations to local charity #LifeSpace, so you can visit as many times as you want over the weekend  bringing friends, family and visitors to the event.

In case anyone does feel overwhelmed by the sheer range and quality of the art exhibited, we have the Golden Cup Cafe where you can recover before buying the piece of artwork that made your heart flutter….