Open to the public Nov 17th Private View, 18th to 19th 2023 Open to the Public at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall CV37 6EF

Oversley Flowers



I am so pleased to tell you about Oversley Flowers, who will be doing floral decorations around the Town Hall.

They grow seasonal scented fresh flowers lovingly grown in Oversley Green, sold and enjoyed locally – Alcester, Stratford upon Avon, and surrounding villages. Bespoke local fresh flowers – grown not flown.

A wide variety of summer flowers are for sale to include a range of colours, textures and foliage. Flowers will be available from end June through to the frosts in October.

Ruth Woollcott the gardener is passionate about the environment, and believes strongly in sustainability, biodiversity and low carbon travel mileage. Growing and selling fresh flowers for local people – without chemicals (no herbicides, fungicides or insecticides) is her pleasure and I hope yours too!

Flowers will have no airmiles and in most cases will be delivered by electric vehicle, so no pollution either. Ruth aims to have the minimum of packaging, minimise waste and use recycled items where possible.

All the leaves and waste green material will be composted on site and put back onto the beds the following year.

Ruth’s two bee hives share the flower plot and they too will enjoy the variety of flowers and will benefit from no chemicals – and on good years she will be able to share the honey too!

Ruth enjoys growing flowers for you – flowers to make you smile.

Ruth Woollacott