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A good photographic image offers the first impression of your art and your professionalism



A good photographic image offers the first impression of your art and your professionalism, a poor photo will endorse the preconception that your work is not professional and not worthy of being purchased – it is that important when you are selling on line and introducing your work.

It can mean the difference between being accepted into #Cafdgg or other events, piquing the interest of an important client or gallery director.

Photographing your work should become part of your work routine to build an inventory for galleries, sales and specialist collectors. It is so much easier when you have a portfolio to look through and to be able to pick out a selection rather than only having what you are working on at the moment.

Take photos of your work in progress and a celebratory photo of the finished piece; take installation photos if your work is being hung at a gallery or in a clients house – with their permission – atmospheric photos of opening nights that offer a sense of scale and excitement and add multiple photos of a single work to capture it in its entirety with close ups to distance.

It all adds to the breadth, feel and story of your work, ensuring a better viewing experience for collectors and increasing the likelihood that they will contact you or purchase a piece of work that they can envisage in their home or gallery.