Open to the public Nov 16th to 17th 2024 Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall CV37 6EF

Things are hotting up here in #Cafdgg HQ



The closing date for applications for #Cafdgg June 2018 is coming up fast on April 2nd and I have been blown away by the quality, range and variety of craftspeople applying and further the number of applicants so far for the limited number of exhibition spaces.


I am aware that more people are choosing a life as an artist. On some application forms when asked for a brief description of their artwork it feels like a bubbling passion that cannot be thwarted has been unleashed onto the form.


I realised that if you have this passion for creating it will come out in some way; whether through formal taught design or experimental experiential work you will discover your artistic voice. It is always developing and becoming more recognisably individual.


I want to celebrate that passion in #Cafdgg, to share that feeling of discovery and curate a Fair where visitors stand, stare, absorb and share with the artist.


Art is communication and our interpretation of each piece we see gives us a richer existence – we can be challenge, be outraged, quiver with desire to wear, see it in our home or start a lifelong collection – art gives every one of us something, whether we choose to recognise and accept it or not.


The first step is to see stimulating art, so visit #Cafdgg June 1st Private View and 2nd to 3rd Open to the Public.